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Long-Term Care Leader Marjorie Barrie of ACSIA Partners LLC Will Help "Kill the Wicked Witch of Alzheimer’s"

AgentUniversity Park, FL January 10, 2017 -- For the second year in a row, ACSIA Partners LLC, a national long-term care insurance agency, will join the fight against Alzheimer's disease. As part of its three-day annual conference, the company will host a fundraiser on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association, which seeks a cure for the debilitating disease.

The gala event, on January 14, is at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. The company has hundreds of agents nationwide, all invited to the conference. Those attending the gala will don purple capes as "Wizards of Alzheimer’s" to highlight the need to "kill the wicked witch."

Last year, the company raised thousands of dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association. "We aim to raise thousands again this year," says Marjorie Barrie, who represents ACSIA Partners LLC in AL, DC, FL, MD, PA, SC, VA.

Why the company’s interest in Alzheimer’s?

"It’s simple," says Barrie. "The disease has become a leading reason care is needed."

  • About one in four long-term care insurance claims are due to Alzheimer's, according to the Society of Actuaries.
  • Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia afflicts one in nine Americans age 65 and older, and one in three age 85 and older, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

"It’s a real threat to most families," says Barrie. "At some point Alzheimer’s sufferers may need help eating, moving around, or going to the bathroom. Unless their loved ones are prepared to help them do such things, they need savings or insurance to hire professionals. Our mission is to educate Americans about their options."

"Eventually," Barrie adds, "we’d like to knock the disease stone dead. In the meantime, we can help people live better lives in spite of it."

The solutions recommended by Barrie’s organization include traditional long-term care insurance, life insurance or annuities with long-term care riders, critical illness insurance, and other options ranging from health savings accounts to Medicare supplement plans.

Information is available from Barrie at, or 941-355-7600.

Margie Barrie is a leading long-term care agent serving consumers and organizations in AL, DC, FL, MD, PA, SC, VA, with colleagues covering all other parts of the country.

In California the company is known as xACSIA Partners Insurance Agency; in other states, as ACSIA Partners.

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