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Gretchen McAllister

I am so thankful that I connected with Margie during my journey researching long term care insurance. I honestly thought that at age 65, I would be unable to afford a LTC policy. Margie helped me design a policy that is affordable and gives me some financial protection with aging. She helped me apply because we were concerned about my health. I was actually accepted for the plan that we had decided was the best solution for me. Margie is a very informative, patient and "easy to talk to" person who spent hours explaining the details of LTC. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering a LTC policy.

Jerry Butler

I've been a viewer and follower of Suze Orman for over 10 years and the last 4 years , Ms. Orman has truly focused on the retirement years and with that , insurance , in particular, LTCI. Well, as I turned 50 in Jan 2020 , I've been researching LTCI via Ms. Orman and on my own and after several internet searches , I came into contact with ASCIA Partners and received a return phone call from Ms. Margie Barrie and after our initial phone consult, she answered ALL of my immediate questions and left me feeling very secure about my next tentative decision. I honestly explained to Ms. Barrie , that it was down to 3 agents and she was one of the finalist and after further consulting , she broke down the major LTCI program packages on the market , like the other agents did as well, , but what solidify Ms. Barrie for me was the Thrivent Program, which met my overall needs, and I'm greatful for the time and patience Ms. Barrie has spent with me this past 6 weeks and will greatful for her assistance with this next investment in my life. With Compliments, Jerry Butler

Brian S. Taylor, M.D.

I reached out to Margie after receiving information from a professional organization about long-term care policies. Applying for a policy is something I had thought of doing when younger but didn't pursue. As I recall, I believe I thought it just wasn't necessary to do then, that I'd look into it later in life, and I didn't want to make the investment just then. Years past, at least a decade, and I figured it was worth the effort to explore again. I'm glad I did. With Margie's help, I was able to see the value in making this investment, for so many reasons, mostly, peace of mind. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced, I'd recommend Margie to anyone wanting to secure long-term care benefits.

Sam Rabenstein

I spoke to numerous individuals about Long Term Care Insurance and decided to work with Margie. Margie was very informative and spent numerous hours explaining various policies with different insurance companies. She was extremely helpful in assisting us on our decision. All fees and cost were explained in detail. I had spoken to 2 other insurance brokers and they did not know as much as Margie. I highly recommend Margie for LTC insurance.

Brian Amerman

Margie was fantastic to work with. She is both knowledgeable and easy to talk to on a very complex and daunting topic. My wife and I knew we needed to do something when it came to planning for our long-term care as a result of dealing with aging parents that require homecare. I'm glad that we got in contact with Margie to get our long-term care insurance in place.

Cynthia Rhodes

It was a pleasure working with Margie over several months. She was always personable, patient and persistent on my behalf. I always felt that she had my best interests in mind and was always professional. She made herself available to me to answer my questions and concerns, even when on vacation! Margie Barrie is an exceptional agent and representative of ACSIA and I would not hesitate to recommend her to my family and friends. Thank you Margie!

Scott and Elaine Brown

We are very happy that my general search for LTC Insurance brought us to Margie and her team! I was delighted to learn about Margie's expertise in this field and that she was our agent to help guide us through the waters. She gave us a lot of information and many options to suit all of our needs from coverage to cost. We feel very relieved that we now have LTC Insurance policies in place to protect ourselves, our children and our assets in case one or both of us fall into the situation where expensive, long term care is needed. Margie stays in touch and follows through all along the process and I would recommend her and her team to help you!

Nancy Bronner

I knew finding LTC insurance should have been accomplished a long time ago.But I didn't and Margie Barrie worked with me until we found something that worked. I would highly recommend her - she is patient and kind, and didn't stop until she found something that worked for me.

Diane Fulton

Thanks Margie for making the process of getting long term care insurance a lot easier than I thought it would be. Your patience and detailed explanations really helped. Your friendly and professional manner were appreciated. You certainly made it personal and found a perfect way to meet my needs after listening carefully to my story.

Elizabeth Sullivan

The saga of my journey into the world of Long Term Care Insurance began on a cold winter’s day at a Retirement Workshop. My takeaway from the workshop was danger was lurking ahead if I did not pursue obtaining insurance! Of course, everyone in the room had it – I left the conference red-faced and ready to proceed. I posted my needs through AARP, the internet and even had an interesting conversation with an LTC specialist at Fidelity (who was really annoyed by the final outcome!) The telephone avalanche commenced – on some days I would not answer the phone fearing another insurance specialist. After all it is not a very pleasant undertaking when thinking about assisted living or God forbid a nursing home – but it had to be done. Then the skies opened and I made contact with Margie Barrie – an extremely competent and knowledgeable specialist. After several consults regarding my medical history, expectations for premium, the deed was done and the application submitted. I dreaded the interview process – but Margie sent me information on the process which helped prepare. She told me to be serious – but I ended up with an interviewer with a dry sense of humor like mine. The wait for application approval began. Margie and her associate were only an email away – but that was not necessary since I was continually updated through the approval process. The day came – I was approved! I hope you enjoyed my story, but more importantly I can not say enough about Margie – she is the ultimate professional, highly skilled and I would recommend her to anyone! Thanks Margie for holding my hand – you’re the best! Elizabeth Sullivan

carmine pellegrino

Margie Barrie is the best of the best when it came to explaining the best coverage for me. Everything was done Top Notch, with a class I never dreamed possible from a sales person. Margie made everything so easy, and i felt a warmness from her giving me 100% confidence in her presentation, and her professionalism. Margie Barrie is a very honest human being, I would have her on my team with no questions asked. Margie follows up on all her clients letting me know she cares. I knew nothing about Long term care until I found Margie. Thank You Margie Barrie

Susan Wahlberg

Margie Barrie has educated me and answered all of my many, many questions about Long Term Care Insurance. When I first began talking with her I had very little knowledge about this insurance. She presented information about various companies and types of this insurance with accompanying available options. She gave every effort possible on getting me the best policy for the best price. I am happy and comfortable with the company and the specific policy that I finally chose. Margie is very knowledgeable, personable, and available. (I can always reach her by phone!) She is also very enthusiastic about Long Term Care Insurance, and her job. But wait. I've "known" Margie now for 5 1/2 months via the internet, when I first inquired about the cost of LTC insurance. So you see, she is committed to knowing her clients, helping them with this process, and finding the best fit in insurance for them.

Warren Mootrey

My wife and I started exploring this type of insurance about a year age. We came across Margie's site and gave her a call. In our discussions I found Margie to be helpful, honest and thorough as it related to the many question we asked. Margie never pushed us to purchase any insurance. Instead she gave examples of the different coverages and cost as well as what she thought were the benefits of each type of coverage. Her knowledge and openness were key in our decisions to purchase.

Nancie Kenney

Due to my health issues, it was not easy to find a LTC insurer. Margie is tenacious and persevered to find me an excellent home health care policy alternative. I feel like I have taken a proactive step towards addressing possible future health care concerns. Thank you Margie!

Jean Musgrave

Margie Barrie is an intelligent and caring business woman. She was able to give me more than enough information to make an informed decision regarding my Long Term Care. Thank you for all the assistance. Jean

Karen Solem

I'm so relieved we went forward with long term care insurance. t's been a lifesaver these past few months. Initially everyone said if you have assets you really don't need Long Term Care but now, where my husband needs to rely on it, I can say they couldn't have been more wrong. It is a relief emotionally and financially. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Karen


Margie did a great job working to find policies that fit both my needs and my husband's. She is very knowledgable and easy to work with. I was dreading having to deal with all this jazz--it is overwhelming--but she made it very easy to understand and really did all the leg work. I am eternally grateful!

L Siemasko

As an engineer, I am considered as very black/white and over analytical. So when I was shopping for LTCI, I did extensive research, dug thru tons of websites, reviewed complaint blogs, and then contacted several online "experts" and submitted requests for coverages. EVERY one of them never asked any detailed questions - they just sent a bunch of prices for me to compare. No details for what I was paying for, coverages, options, good points, bad points - just prices and names of companies. Except for Margie Barrie. She contacted me, set up a net meeting, and ran an extremely detailed comparison, pointed out a large amount of pros and cons, and offered her insight garnered from years of experience on what works best for me, the customer. Go to Margie to get the real story and only the facts as they apply to each individual customer of hers. A true professional with her customer's needs first and her prices were BETTER !

Morrris Solomon

Margie, Thanks for your great help. But even more than that, thanks for turning what I thought was going to be a boring half hour into a wonderful 2 hours. I look forward to speaking with you (and hopefully getting you some referrals) in the near future.

Arden Bradshaw

Margie was very helpful and worked with me to get the dollar I wanted to invest for long term care. She was very patient with all the questions I had asked. Thank you, Margie
I am so thankful that I connected with Margie during my journey researching long term care insurance. I honestly thought that at age 65, I would be unable to afford a LTC policy. Margie helped me… Read More

Gretchen McAllister

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